TheMatrix Screen Saver

TheMatrix Screen Saver

A high-quality animated screen saver with The Matrix theme
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For all of you who enjoyed Matrix - the movie, Meticulous Software has developed TheMatrix Screen Saver. It is an excellent product that will immediately transport you to Reality and you will become part of the code, part of the Matrix. Your computer will be the exact replica of those that appear in the movie. Digits and mysterious codes will start to unwind before your eyes as you awake to Reality.

The screen saver is provided with exceptional visual quality, and it is safe to use. It comes no further add-ons and pop-ups, and your computer processing will not be affected by its running. It won't display any errors, and it will immediately convince you of its value.

All its qualities recommend it as a good option, if you consider adding a personal touch to your computer, and especially if you are a fan of "The Matrix" franchise. Moreover, the screen saver is free of charge, and can be safely downloaded from the website of the developer. Therefore, you should give it a try and see for yourselves that the Matrix has you too.

Jessie Hodgson
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